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Farewell to the ambassador Mohammed El-Hassan Shabbo

The Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Beijing had Organized on Friday (25 October) a ceremony honoring bid farewell to the ambassador Mohammed El-Hassan Shabbo The  former Head of the Arab League mission in China on the occasion of the expiry of his tenure, which lasted seven years and his return to the home Country.

In the farewell ceremony occur, Sudan's ambassador to China Omar Issa Ahmad praising Ambassador period of the Ambassador Shabbo inChina, which were the subject of satisfaction and applause and appreciation of Arab ambassadors and Chinese officials.

Furthermore, the Ambassador Mohammad Hassan shabbo thanked the Ambassador of Sudan Omar Issa and members of the embassy and the community on the graciousness and honor, praising Sino Arabic during his tenure, which was characterized by friendship and mutual cooperation and reached high levels in all its aspects, calling on members of the Sudanese community to continue relations including intimate and friendly Chinese people.Very worth mentioning that the Ambassador Mohamed Hassan head of the Arab League mission to China , Was honored by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Beijing .


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