Tourism in Sudan

Environment and Tourism

Sudan enjoys various tourist resources due to the availability of enormous natural capabilities. It is regarded as one of the richest African countries in wildlife, birds and Nile natural scenery which encourages tourism investment. The climate in Sudan is characterized by varied climatic conditions which are moderate all the year round in the Red Sea area especially in the highlands such as Erkwiet Summer Resort.

The special concern being attached to the promotion of tourism in Sudan is necessitated by many factors represented in the necessity of activating domestic internal tourism, notably among the youths to familiarize with their country. Tourism activity also makes youths realize the power of Almighty Allah, thus deepening their faith in Him. It as well inculcates them with love for their country and is further considered an important economic resource as it brings foreign currency to the country. Tourism also promotes acquaintance and friendly relations with other people who are attracted to our country by its vast tourist resources.

In this way, tourism plays two key roles. First it boosts Sudan's good image to the outside world, reflecting the good nature of its people, its civilization, its popular heritage and its arts. Secondly, it contributes to the boosting of popular diplomacy of the country. Sudan witnessed many successive civilizations such as those of Meroe and Kouh. The antiquities of those civilizations are still seen in many areas of the Northern State, Shendi area, Al-Bejrawia, Al-Naqa', Al-Musawarat, Merawie, karima, Al-Berkal Mountain and others.

These tourist resources can generate a great revenue of foreign currency for the country if they are utilized and promoted in the best way in the international tourism markets.

Such being the case, the promotion of these resources gives Sudanese citizens the opportunity to spend their vacations inside the country, a matter which reduces the negative effects resulting from traveling abroad for tourist purposes.

Tourism activity started in Sudan since the dawn of independence with the country's meager resources being carefully and honestly directed to reflect Sudan's splendid tourist image to the outside world.

The state, represented in the General Administration of Wildlife, embarked on the establishment of many game parks and reserves so that wild animals are well protected, bearing in mind that they are a national wealth to be treasured and passed on to the coming generations (game reserves of Nemolie, Booma, Al-Zaraf in the Southern States).


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Main Tourist-pull Areas:

Erkowit Eastern Sudan

Jebel Marra Western Sudan

Sawakin Eastern Sudan

Arusa Tourist Village

Eastern Sudan

Senganeib Marine Park

Eastern Sudan

Dinder Park Blue Nile State (

Central Sudan).


Sudan National Museum.

Natural History Museum.

The Khalif’s House Museum

The Republican Palace


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